Monday, February 07, 2011


Rachel told Carl, "Lila took the blame for making the call that got Alice arrested."

"Hmmm. What an intriguing development. Any conjecture as to what prompted our Lila to fall upon her sword in such a self-sacrificing manner?"

"She did it to protect me. So it wouldn't ruin my relationship with Amanda or Jamie."

"Most kind of her. And rather insightful."

"I hate it. I love Lila for doing it, but I hate the idea of someone else suffering because of what I've done. Especially when I know I didn't do anything wrong. I protected Allie and Steven; I am not ashamed of that. Amanda, however, is having a field day gloating."

"It was Lila's choice," Carl noted. "You didn't ask her for this favor. It flowered from the bottom of her heart. Frankly, I daresay it would be a touch insulting for you to nullify Lila's heroic actions by stepping forth to challenge her assertion."

Rachel cocked her head. "That's an interesting way of looking at the situation. Tell me, how often have you used it yourself to help get through those dark nights of the soul?"

"You maintain that it's merely a justification for deliberate inaction on my part?" Carl asked sharply.

"That's not what I meant, but, okay, sure, let's go with that." When her husband's face only darkened in response to her attempt at levity, Rachel wondered, "What's going on, Carl? What kind of nerve did I hit now?"


Carl and Rachel debate how far is too far to go to protect their family while Grant and Spencer seize on an alternate means to protect themselves, Cass and Frankie's birthday celebration for Charlie is interrupted by a distraught Felicia, Morgan challenges Lila to help him, and John demands Donna live up to her promises.

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