Monday, February 21, 2011


"Don't you see?" Felicia challenged Rachel. "He hasn't changed a bit. Jamie is still the same petulant, selfish, spoiled brat he was all those years ago! Bullying people into giving him the toy he fancies at the moment, only to throw it away as soon as he wins, not caring about the heartache he caused along the way. I cannot — I will not — stand by silently and allow him to discard Lorna the same way he disposed of all the other women in his life."

"My turn," Rachel announced as soon as there was silence longer than a heartbeat between them. "First of all, Jamie is not the same person he was twenty years ago. And neither, unfortunately, are you."

"What are you talking about?" she scoffed, Felicia's voice faltering for the first time since she'd come in.

"I'm talking about you, Felicia. You wielding your grief as a weapon to intentionally inflict as much pain on the people around you as possible. You claim Jamie has complete disregard for the misery he metes out? Take a good look in the mirror and think about your behavior of the past year, before you dare open your mouth in criticism of anyone."

"My behavior? My behavior? I lost my daughter!"

"And I can't even begin to imagine what that must feel like. But, then you decided to hold on to your grief as fiercely as, once upon a time, you held onto a bottle of vodka."

Felicia gasped. "How dare you compare what I went through with losing Jenna to my addiction? To something as horrible and destructive as alcoholism?"

"Your grief for Jenna has changed you. Taken over your life. Pushed you away from the people you love. Sound familiar?"


Rachel urges Felicia to take a long, hard look at her actions, Alice proves she's no one's fool, Allie is forced to pick sides as Hudson's custody trial gets underway, Carl unveils his plans for Donna, Frankie inadvertently reveals more than she intended to Dean, and Jamie's prayers are answered.

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