Wednesday, February 09, 2011


As announced last week, this blog is expanding into the brave new world of enhanced digital books with the fan interactive Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments.

What this means is that I need to compose a list of producers, writers, directors and actors to approach about naming the moment that they believe epitomizes soaps at the very top of their game.

Unfortunately, the first giants that pop to mind - Irna Phillips, Gloria Monty, Bill Bell - are dead.

That still leaves plenty of others, of course. Agnes Nixon, Claire Labine, Kim Zimmer, Susan Lucci, Linda Dano, Anthony Geary, Bill & Susan Seaforth Hayes, Eileen Fulton, Jeanne Cooper, Robin Strasser, Susan Flannery.... Are just a tiny fraction of who I was able to think of from the top of my head while composing this blog.

But, I want to hear from you! Who do you think absolutely deserves to be included in a book about Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments? Please tell me either in the Comments below, or by e-mailing

And keep those suggestions for Greatest Moments coming, too!

Here is one that I received that I was already able to find a video clip for:

From Mark: There is a (Another World) scene between Jamie and Mac that you can find on utube when they discussed their relationship separate from Rachel. That Jamie always thought of Mac as his father and Mac loves Jamie just as much as if he were his own son. This coming after a rift between them. It is simply one of the most heart wrenching moments. To this day I blubber when I watch it.


cksargent said...

The very best episode I ever saw on a soap was on Ryan's Hope. It was the wedding of Siobhan Ryan and Joe Novak juxtaposed with the murder of Siobhan's sister Mary at the hands of Joe's Uncle Tiso Novotny.
It was the full half hour episode and it was completely amazing. It would have aired sometime in late 1979 or early 1980, I think.

Derek said...

What a great initiative. There are so many that come to mind. One more involving the late, great Douglass Watson is when he learned he was not Matthew's father while on the witness stand during Rachel's trial.

Another is the incredible scene when Mac learned that Carmen Duncan's Iris was the infamous "Chief."

I am a fan of two "Mother- Daughter moments. The first is when Constance Ford's Ada consoles Victoria Wyndham's Rachel following Mac's death on AW. Ford is amazing when outlining that she and Mac both saw the elements of beauty in Rachel's personality.

Another powerful moment is from Texas when Elizabeth Allen's Victoria stands up for herself against the then-self centered Reena

A scene of an unusual, but endearing friendship is the final goodbye between Beverlee McKinsey's Iris and Grethen Oehler's Vivien on Texas.

Another incredible friendship was between Cass, Felicia and Wallingford on Another World

A favorite memory from Edge of Night was when Lois Kibbee's Geraldine was pushed down the stairs following a powerful confrontation. Here is a fan tribute to the scene. The original was posted at one point.

One of the most powerful Another World scenes involved Felicia's intervention

Lastly, I became a big fan of Luke and Reid on ATWT, even though I also appreciated the love of Luke and Noah. Here is one of my favorite scenes between Luke and Reid with Noah playing an integral role off-screen.