Thursday, February 03, 2011


"You ready?" Kevin asked Jamie as they took their seats across the aisle from Morgan and Stacey, with Felicia and Lucas hovering directly behind them, as all six — the room had otherwise been cleared of spectators — waited for the judge to render his verdict.

Jamie merely nodded, not trusting his voice. Not trusting much of anything anymore. He glanced over his shoulder at Lucas, who tried to smile reassuringly Jamie's way. But the stiff, secluded way Felicia was holding herself, as if she couldn't bear to so much as share the same space with her husband at the moment, suggested Lucas might be equally in need of bucking up.

Morgan, for his part, was literally on the edge of his chair, leaning forward against the table-top, his hands, the palms upturned, stretched out in front of him, literally attempting to pry the verdict from the judge's conscience so that he might crush it into a ball and stuff it victoriously into his pocket, unchallenged and irrevocable.

"Dr. Winthrop," the judge began, prompting Jamie to groan inwardly. His Honor wasn't even peering in Jamie's direction. Incongruously, Jamie remembered sixth-grade English class, and To Kill A Mockingbird; Scout's observation that a jury never looked at a defendant they'd convicted. "It is the opinion of this court that your marriage to Ms. Devon does indeed meet the legal criteria for legitimacy."


The judge renders his verdict in Lorna's case as Lila gets news from Chase about her own, Allie refutes her mother's diagnosis, Kirkland strives to unearth Grant's secret, Spencer challenges Carl to do the right thing - at an exorbitant price, and Lucas calls Felicia on the issue of Cass.


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