Thursday, February 24, 2011


"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the baby," Lorna repeated to Jamie. "I was going to. I swear. Your birthday... I had it all planned. I was going to tell you then. You must have been wondering what the hell was going on. I can't imagine what you thought I was up to."

"I did wonder," he brought her hand to his mouth, kissing it between every word. "And I won't lie, I was dying to say something, to tell you that I know, to tell you how thrilled I was. Especially the night of Alice and Spencer's wedding. But, you were so miserable. I figured it wasn't the right time to get into it."

"I felt like crap," Lorna agreed. "But, I was so happy that night, too, Jamie. All I could think about was your baby growing inside of me. I already loved her so much. And I loved you so much, and I couldn't wait for the three of us — the five of us; Steven and Kirkland, too — to be a family. But, I just needed to take care of one thing first...."

Lorna's voice trailed off as a noise from the doorway caught both their attentions.
Morgan stood there, breathing heavily, as if he'd run the entire way to her room. He'd come to a hard stop, suddenly unsure of what to do or say next...


Lorna comes face to face with the consequences of her lies, Allie attempts to defend her actions in court, Carl makes Felicia a promise of justice, Marley clarifies their relationship to Grant, Jeanne urges Matt to take action regarding Donna, and Cass returns to his old ways... but who's beaten him to the punch?

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