Monday, February 14, 2011


"Your dad would have been the coolest one at the Father/Daughter Dance," Steven reassured his little sister.

"Totally," Kirkland agreed. "Jake would've had all the girls — and probably their moms, too — begging for a chance to dance with him. He really knew how to turn on the charm."

"Was he a good dancer?" Michele asked.

"A great dancer," Steven replied confidently, though frankly, he had no clue. "You would've had to drag him out of there, especially if it meant showing you two off."

"No," Kirkland corrected. "He would've shown you two off, alright, big time. He'd have practically cornered every other dad so he could boast about how his girls were so much better than, well, pretty much any other kid on the planet. But, he wouldn't have hung around for the whole dance."

"Why not?" Bridget wondered.

"Because, Jake would have needed to get home early, to set up whatever Valentine's Day surprise it was he'd planned for Mom."

"Like what?" Michele leaned forward in her chair, eyes shining, thrilled with this peek into the family she should have had — but didn't.

"Like... well... uhm... " Kirkland's fantasy hadn't quite gotten that far. He hadn't expected to be pressed for details.

Watching his brother flounder, Steven offered, "Probably something totally hokey, like the time he recreated their high-school prom for her, 'cause they didn't get to go when they were actually, you know, in high-school."

"And there'd be swings involved," Kirkland dredged up a brainstorm. "Mom and Jake and those swings... Seriously."


Steven and Kirkland help Bridget and Michele remember Vicky and Jake, Donna and Marley face the ghosts of Valentine's Day(s) Past, while Carl, Cass and Matt compare notes on the awesome responsibilities of parenting daughters.

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