Monday, February 14, 2011


A 1983 Love in the Afternoon Valentine's Day Family Feud Special!

Featuring the stars of General Hospital versus All My Children, including actors who appeared on other soaps: Darnell Williams (Jack; ATWT & Griggs: GL), Richard Van Vleet (Ed; GL), Laurence Lau (Jamie; AW & Brian; ATWT), Stuart Damon (Ralph; ATWT), Marcy Walker (Tangie; GL & Eden; SB), Kin Shriner (Keith; ATWT), Ruth Warrick (Edie; ATWT) and Robin Mattson (Hope; GL, Gina; SB, Delia; RH & Cheri; ATWT).

Happy Valentine's Day from SoapOpera451!

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