Thursday, May 26, 2011


"What are you doing?" Grant demanded, watching Steven reach for his phone. "Who are you calling?"

"Someone who can settle this once and for all."

Grant charged Steven, seemingly looking to snatch the phone away from him, only to be met with his former stepson's fist squarely to Grant's jaw.

He stumbled backwards. Cass catching him at the last minute was all that kept Grant from hitting the floor.

"I'm not six years old anymore, Grant," Steven shook his head, struggling to keep his emotions in check, mostly for the horrified Michele and Bridget's sakes. "I know how to fight back now."


Marley turns to Grant for a final rescue - which he struggles to provide, Matt and Lila question each other's life choices, Alice lends Lucas a sympathetic ear, Dean meets a former fan - with unexpected results, Lorna reminds Jamie of his (very recent) wedding vows, and GQ shocks Allie - not to mention himself.

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