Monday, May 16, 2011


"You've done enough to Marley, as of late," Grant warned Donna.

"I've done nothing but try to help and safeguard my daughter from the likes of you."

Grant snorted. "After years of undermining her with emotional manipulation. Not to mention nearly killing her, which I had an unfortunate front-row seat to witness. You can play the doting mother as stridently as you like, but you and I both know, when all is said and done, the only personage of importance to you is you. This manufactured drama over Marley's mental health has nothing to do with her, and everything with your need to be the center of attention. Your desperation to reinvent yourself as the hero after years of proving capable of just about anything — including greedily devouring your young."

"That's your back-story, Grant. Not mine."

"Of course, as soon as the heat gets too much and you're actually called to the carpet to own up to your indefensible actions, your go-to cover is Blame Daddy. The man's been dead for decades, and yet Reginald's somehow still pulling your strings."

"Isn't Daddy responsible for all your shortcomings, as well? Oh, no, I forgot, in your case, it's because Mommy didn't love you enough to suffer under Spencer's tyrannical rule or take you with her when she left him!"


Donna strikes Grant where it hurts the most, Jeanne sends Matt to get the truth from Lorna and Jamie - and report back to her, Frankie wants answers from Cass about Lila, and Jen brings the last person anyone could have expected to Kevin's rescue.

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