Monday, May 02, 2011


Rachel thundered, "I trusted you to protect us! What happened to the Carl Hutchins who knew how to stay several steps ahead of his enemies? Who intuited when to play with his food and when to strike hard and fast? Your insistence on getting revenge against Donna put us all at risk. Had you gone after these people directly, they wouldn't have had the opportunity to scurry underground."

"Rachel, I do love you," her husband said with great care. "But I will not be spoken to in this manner!"

"I'm not you, Carl. When my children's lives are at stake flowery language and courtly manners are the first things to fly out the window. Followed by patience. Jeanne Ewing or no Jeanne Ewing, I need you to settle this now."

"Are you aware of what you're asking of me?"

"I am."

"You are not," he challenged. "The situation has changed. For me to do as you ask — nay, demand — will require marshaling all of my resources and skills. Skills and resources that you once — equally as forcefully — ordered me to place under lock and key, never to be invoked again...."


Lorna and Donna offer their takes to Jamie on what to do about Marley, while Matt entertains Donna's pleas of innocence. Lila turns to a surprising source for protection, GQ crashes Hudson's first birthday party, and Carl lays his future fate in Rachel's hands (which you get to decide for her!).

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