Monday, May 30, 2011


"Tell me, what did you and Jeanne Ewing chat about when you swept her off from the receiving line?"

"Ms. Ewing?" For a moment, Carl appeared unable to connect name to face, or even recall the incident to which Rachel was referring. She raised an eyebrow. Translation: Don't even try pulling the wool over my eyes. That triggered Carl's memory nicely. He tapped his head absently with one finger. "Ah, yes, Ms. Ewing. I daresay, we discussed a great many things."

"Including her breaking reports on Donna Love?"

"That may have come up."

"What have you done, Carl? I need to know."

"I merely told her the truth."

"And what does that mean, precisely?"

"It means that, like you, Ms. Ewing is a highly intelligent and capable young woman."

"What have you done?"

"And, like you, she also harbors periodic reservations. Except that hers are centered on the topic of whether or not Donna actually sent that incriminating file to the authorities as she had long threatened to."

Rachel blanched. "But, I thought that was the entire crux of your plan? If Jeanne doesn't believe...why are you looking so happy?"


Rachel demands Carl fill her in on his latest subterfuge, while Jamie and Lorna, Frankie and Grant, and Marley and Cass ponder the consequences of their airport showdown.

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