Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My favorite TV shows were soap operas, and V (I've written about the soap/original series connection, here.)

Which is why it was my seventeen year old self that leaped on this report from Associated Content:

The popular Facebook group, Fans United Against ABC, almost immediately changed the group description to be more welcoming to fans of all canceled ABC shows, and went to work recruiting fans of the other cancelled ABC shows. Within minutes, fans of V started joining the group and pledging their fealty to the soap group, in exchange for returned loyalty.

Having been a passionate geek within both genres for over thirty years, I am still, nonetheless, surprised by the frequent crossover in soap and and sci-fi fandoms.

My husband, who has so many comic books that we actually rent a storage space outside our apartment to house them all, put it this way: "People who like sweeping, on-going stories featuring larger than life characters tend to like sweeping, on-going stories featuring larger than life characters." (He's an engineer, they're big on A = B = A. But he's also watched All My Children from the crib. He says he learned everything he needed to know about women from Tad Martin.)

Pissing off soap fans is a bad idea. Pissing off sci-fi fans is a bad idea. Pissing off both soap and sci-fi fans.... that's a very bad idea.

Unless we all can think of some way to turn it into a good one.


Brian said...

I am a fan of both V and OLTL/AMC. Also Brothers and Sisters. ABC is shooting themselves in the foot by canceling these shows. They did the same thing last season with Flash Forward. They don't even allow them to do one last episode for closure. Why can't they allow V to have one 2 hr series finale to wrap up the lose ends?

bl said...

I watch some science fiction and fantasy, but never watched V as I saw how the ratings were going and decided not to get attached. It is depressing that I watch television this way, but I've been burned enough times.