Thursday, May 05, 2011


Jeanne's face appeared on the television screen, looking all the more smug and self-satisfied for being broadcast in High Definition. (Somehow, Donna didn't think it was right that her personal cash investment to upgrade the station's equipment was being used in the service of making Jeanne Ewing look good.)

She began by airing a clip from Donna's pre-Election interview, wherein Donna — of her own free will — had expounded, "I am well aware that Carl and a number of people in his professional acquaintance may still have issues with me, and the actions I took to protect Jenna. Consequently, I have taken several precautions. I am quite prepared to defend myself if need be against anyone who threatens me or my family." And then a quick cut to: "Carl's world involved a number of nefarious characters, people who considered themselves above the law. People who would have been all too willing to use anyone and anything against Carl — including his children. Sequestering Jenna with Gloria was only one of the means by which I shielded her. I also took steps to amass information that I could use to neutralize any and all threats against myself or my loved ones should the circumstances ever call for it."

At that, a file photo of Donna replaced the moving image and, much to her shock, she heard her own voice, helpfully subtitled for those who might have trouble making out the muffled recording, saying, "I did not mail that infernal file to the authorities. It was a bluff. There was never any file. My knowledge of Carl's dealings was always cursory, at best. I certainly was never intimate with his associates."

"Would the real Donna Love please stand up," Jeanne was back to chirp cheerfully. "Which version are we to believe?"

Donna grabbed her phone, punching in Matt's number for the second time, certain that she would be getting the run-around again, but needing to do something, anything to express the rage welling up inside of her.

Much to Donna's surprise, he answered on the first ring.


Donna comprehends the full extent of a defensive Matt's betrayal, Marley is trapped between Grant's urging her to lie and Jamie's demands for the truth, Steven gives Kirkland advice while Charlie turns to Frankie - with very different results, GQ offers Allie one last chance with Hudson, while Lorna confronts Felicia about her role - and Carl's - in Lorna's accident.

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"Another World" turned 47 on Wednesday, May 4th, which also marked the 2nd anniversary of "Another World Today" (read the original TV Guide announcement bottom of: Thanks for coming along for the ride, and stay tuned, we've got a lot of great stuff planned ahead!

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