Thursday, May 19, 2011


"And then I'll have to explain to the girls what I'm doing," Marley swallowed heavily. "Why I'm kidnapping them."

"You are not kidnapping them! You are their mother," Grant slammed the wheel with his open palm. "They'll understand why this had to happen."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because," Grant's voice cracked with emotion, surprising them both. "If I'd been given a choice between running away with my mother when she abandoned Spencer, and being left behind, I would have picked her. I would have picked her every damn time. And then maybe... Maybe she wouldn't have... cracked the way that she did. And nothing... Ryan... Me... Everything would have been different. I couldn't take care of her. I was never given the chance. Not until it was too late, anyway. But, I can take care of you. And Michele and Bridget. Trust me when I say that whether you go to Clareview, or leave the girls behind for their own good to go on the run alone, all they'll know is that you left. And it'll hurt them. They'll never forget it. And they will never, ever get completely over it. No matter how many times people tell them they should."


Grant and Marley plot to spirit Bridget and Michele from Lorna and Jamie's wedding, as Rachel deals with a hostile Amanda, an unwelcome Morgan, Spencer and Alice, and the surprise appearance of GQ. Carl slyly offers Jeanne advice on her breaking story, Dean attempts to rejoin the land of the living, Elizabeth challenges Charlie, and Lorna and Jamie accept last-minute words from their respective parents, as Cass and Frankie face a major decision (which you'll help them make)!

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