Friday, May 20, 2011


(Sorry there was nothing last week, folks - Blogger was having a meltdown, eating posts right and left. It seems to all have been fixed now.)


Rick and Mindy celebrated Mother's Day with Ed, who invited Rick's uncle Mike to tell Rick stories about Rick's late mother, Leslie. (To find out why Rick's uncle knows more about his mother than his dad does, click here.)

Later, Ed got a call from Holly, furious that Alex and Fletch took Meg out of town on Mother's Day. Mindy wondered if Ed and Holly might be working their way back to each other.

Mindy went to visit Phillip to find out about his status with Beth, but they were interrupted by a frantic Lizzie furious that Phillip, in his quest to divest the Spauldings of their ill-gotten gains, had shut down her bank accounts. Lizzie insisted she needed the money to fight Jonathan for full custody of Sarah - and that Bill wouldn't approve of her actions.

Back home, Mindy was surprised to see Leah hanging out with Kevin, Jason and Meg. When Mindy learned it was Kevin's idea that they befriend Meg, she was convinced he was up to something - and that Holly would agree.

At the playground with Hudson, Mindy ran into Reva, Colin... and Jeffrey. Reva insisted that Jeffrey had no more secrets from her. Mindy begged to differ and asked Jeffrey, "Do you want to tell her... or should I?"

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