Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Matthew Bomer (ex-Ben):
"This casting director for a soap said, 'If you ever need a job call me.' I thought, 'Yeah, sure, I'm NEVER going to do a soap opera.' But I called him and got a job on 'The Guiding Light' for a year."

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Kevin Mambo (ex-Marcus):
After I graduated from USC, I got a job on "Guiding Light." I moved here from Los Angeles.

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Millette Alexander (ex-Sara): When Chamber Music Central (CMC) re-opens its doors at its summer home at The Unquowa School in Fairfield, Millette Alexander will once again enjoy watching her vision become a musical reality.... She holds the distinction of creating three separate characters during the 28-year run of the classic serial “The Edge Of Night” and played central heroine Dr. Sara McIntyre on “Guiding Light”for 14 years from January 1969 to 1983. She was probably the first actress on a daytime serial to portray a dual role when she appeared as long-lost twins “Laura Hathaway Hillyer” and “Julie Jamison Hillyer” on “Edge of Night” in the late 1960s.

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