Monday, July 12, 2010


"Despite your attempt to hide," Rachel pointedly told Carl as they walked side-by-side in the moonlight, making their final check of the now deserted party area, insuring that all fires were out, food put away, rubbish discarded, "I know that you heard what Elizabeth said to Lorna."

"I was not hiding," he corrected archly. "I merely surmised that my presence would only inflame the situation further, and so most diplomatically took my leave."

"How much does Elizabeth know about what went on between you and Lorna?"

"As much as is a matter of public record, I'd presume. Quite a bit was disclosed during my criminal trial. And then more during the Kevin Anderson business."

"So when she asked Lorna if she considered herself your — "

"It was a rather sophisticated way of phrasing it, to my mind."

Rachel could only shake her head, wondering which parenting book might have a chapter on dealing with this particular situation.


Elizabeth shocks Rachel with her revisionist interpretation of past events, Jamie helps Lorna to see Matt's accusations in a new light, Cass pleads with Frankie to face reality, Marley lays down some ground-rules for Grant, Gregory can't believe his luck, Jasmine reaches out to Charlie, and Felicia finally confronts Donna.

Plus three classic Felicia/Lorna clips!

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