Thursday, July 22, 2010


"You took it too far, Carl," Rachel sighed to her husband, sinking into the seat across from him inside the library, indicating the shelves and shelves of classic tomes that, all of a sudden, seemed to be bearing down oppressively on them both. "It was one thing to broaden our children's horizons and introduce them to worlds outside their own. It's quite another to raise them in a completely alternate reality."

"I have done no such thing," Carl defended archly. "Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Shakespeare, Moliere, Dante, Beowulf, Oresteia, Njals, Lais; they are each, in their own way, the very foundations of Western civilization. I did not bring up Elizabeth and Cory outside of reality. I merely offered them a richer understanding of their current one."

"Your thirteen year old daughter, in trying to make some sense of your past, has cast you in the role of German crown prince, and Lorna as Mata Hari."

"Truly, now? What an apt and erudite metaphor."

"Cut it out." The more high-falutin' Carl's language grew, the more tempted Rachel felt to simplify hers. "I am no fan of Lorna's, I think we all know that. But I will not allow Elizabeth to hide behind a version of events which paints Lorna as the shameless villain, and you as the cruelly betrayed hero. Not for Lorna's sake, mind you. For Elizabeth's. Let the lie stand now, and it will only be that much more difficult for her to handle once the real truth comes to light."

"What real truth?" Carl inquired, genuinely curious. "You assert that Elizabeth has conjured herself up an illusory version of my dealings with Lorna. I daresay, you have well done the same. Just what do you believe happened between us?"


Felicia gives Lorna an honest earful about Jamie, then fills Frankie in on their plans for Lori Ann; Amanda tempts Grant, much to Marley, Lila - and Kevin's - displeasure, Jasmine confuses Kirkland, as the battle for his custody appears to arrive at a surprising end.

Plus classic clips of Frankie and Lorna's first meeting (not surprisingly, Carl is involved) and Amanda cross-examining Grant over Vicky and Ryan.

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