Monday, July 26, 2010




Each name proved simultaneously a question, an identification, and an expression of surprise. Truth be told — even factoring in Jamie and Kirkland — the two of them had very little reason to cross paths. Marley couldn't even remember whether they'd exchanged so much as banal pleasantries on the 4th of July.

And yet here Carl was, in her gallery, looking... odd. Impeccably groomed, naturally. Flamboyant, of course. But, nonetheless, odd.

"What brings you here?" She wondered, beckoning her one-time stepfather and stepfather-in-law into her private office and closing the door.

He took a seat, linking his hands in his lap, leaning forward and divulging, "I am afraid that there are a pair of issues which I feel compelled to bring to your attention."

Marley sighed and guessed, "Donna. You heard that she was back."

Felicia's fight to keep Lori Ann with Cass and Frankie leads to a surprise observation, Carl and Rachel attempt to level with Elizabeth and Cory, Jen and Sarah consider comitting another crime to help Allie and Gregory, Donna turns to Matt, and Carl zeroes in on Marley.

Plus a classic clip of Gregory's first health crisis and Olivia with Aunt Liz!

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