Thursday, July 29, 2010


"And me with my blowtorch in my other purse," Lorna smiled sweetly at Donna, promising her and Matt, "Maybe next time."

"I think that joke has run its course," Matt snarled.

"And this joke," Lorna indicated the couple in front of her. "Hasn't?"

"Who the hell died, Lorna, and gave you the right to pass judgment - "

"Jenna," she snapped, answering Matt, but glaring at Donna.

"It's alright, Matthew." The older woman laid a calming hand briefly across his arm. "You don't need to defend me."

"From her, I do. She tried to kill you!"

"It isn't Lorna's fault she hasn't the faintest idea how to act appropriately. Just like those petty insults she hurled at you earlier weren't her fault either. Lorna simply doesn't recognize kindness or decency or genuine, human affection. It's cruel of us to expect it of her. After all, how is a person supposed to appreciate in others qualities she's never possessed for herself?"


Lila gives Grant an idea for seizing the future by reliving his past, Jen gets caught, Amanda asks Alice what Rachel would do while Jamie recalls what Rachel has done - and the pain that it caused, and Donna's reprieve comes to an end.

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