Friday, July 30, 2010



After a disastrous chat with Blake where she admitted that she would never love Frank as much as she'd loved Ross and that's why she refused to marry him, Mindy told Rick that perhaps sticking her nose into other people's business wasn't such a good idea, after all.

Rick laughed really, really hard, and then suggested that if Mindy was bored staying home all day with the baby, she should go back to work, if just part-time.

Mindy agreed and called Marah in Paris, only to find out that she hadn't been to the office for days and the staff was getting worried. Mindy called Josh and Reva to see if they knew where their daughter was. But neither was answering their phones.

This convinced Mindy that something odd was going on and, despite Rick's warnings, she resolved to find out what it was.

Join Mindy on her quest to track down Reva, Josh and Marah at!

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