Thursday, July 08, 2010


"Want a little hot-dog with your relish?" Marley playfully asked her nephew as he scooped his third spicy spoonful at the buffet table over the already overstuffed bun.

Kirkland shrugged, then promptly tore off nearly half the sausage in a single bite. The better, she presumed, to avoid speaking to her.

Oh, well, Marley could do the talking for both of them. She was, after all, the one with something to say.

"I wasn't in town for those years when things got really bad between your mother and Grant. I only heard about it secondhand from her, which means I pretty much hated him as much as she did, almost as if it'd all happened to me. Except that it didn't. When Grant first came back, you said that all you knew about him were stories, and that you wanted the chance to find out for yourself who he really was."

Kirkland nodded cautiously, still not speaking, but chewing a great deal slower now.

"I guess that applied to me, too. I needed to sift through which were my feelings about Grant, and which were just my identifying a little too strongly with Vicky — again."

Kirkland swallowed. "So you jumped into bed with him to find out?"


Marley receives mixed reviews on her relationship with Grant - and comes face to face with the girl who could have been her daughter, Rachel offers Amanda some unsolicited advice and gets a shock in return, Carl inserts himself between Felicia and Lucas, Lorna mends fences with her mother, is given food for thought by Matt, and faces a grilling about her past from a very surprising source.

Plus 4th of July in Bay City 1992!

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