Thursday, July 15, 2010


After what felt like an eternity of keeping it closed, Donna unexpectedly yanked the door open with such swiftness that Felicia felt as if a visage had suddenly materialized in front of her, like some sort of spirit. Or demon.

They'd known each other for over twenty-five years. If asked to describe Donna, Felicia felt certain she could have done so for paragraphs on end — it was, after all, her business to make an image come alive through words. And yet, strangely, over the past few months, as she'd learned more and more about what Donna had done to Jenna, to Dean, to Lori Ann, to Felicia herself, Felicia's view of her had inflated to near monstrous proportion, so that her first thought upon finally setting eyes on Donna in the flesh, was surprise at how petite she actually was. How could someone this delicate, this harmless, this... lovely, have caused so much havoc and pain to so many?

"You look like Jenna," Felicia blurted out, unaware that she was even thinking the words until she'd heard herself say them out loud. "How in the world did I miss it before? The hair — dark and curly in exactly the same way; the eyes — those lashes!; the cheekbones, and she was small, like you. Perfectly built for being a dancer, we used to say."

"She always liked to dance," Donna recalled softly, moving aside, allowing Felicia to enter John's house. "From the time she was a baby, Gloria said."

"You and Gloria talked about Jenna? You kept in touch?"


Marley attempts to reach a new understanding with Grant and Jamie, Sarah calls Gregory on his behavior, Jasmine gets a pep talk from a surprising source, and Carl receives a request he's most happy to honor.

Plus classic Grant/Ryan, Felicia/Carl clips!

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