Monday, July 19, 2010


"I really underestimated you all these years," Rachel damned Alice with faint praise after dropping by her apartment unannounced.

"You didn't," Alice assured. "I've changed. Thankfully."

"How dare you do this to Amanda? I know what you feel about me, but she's Mac's child, too. You claimed to love Mac once. Why would you want to hurt his daughter?"

"How in the world am I hurting Amanda?"

"Encouraging her to pursue Kevin."

"She loves him."

"And he's made it clear he isn't interested."

"Men have been known to change their minds in the past. Especially given the right incentive. How is Jamie, Rachel? I'm afraid I haven't spoken to him in weeks."

"He's fine," Rachel snapped. "I don't think he and Lorna have come up for air since he was let out of prison, but he's fine, if probably a little malnourished by this point."

Alice smiled. "I'm happy for him. For them. Please give Jamie my best the next time you see him."

"It didn't matter that I had Jamie," Rachel stopped beating about the bush. "Steve still loved you. He pined for you. And, ultimately, he went back to you. I spent years on the outside looking in, beating my head against the wall, hurting you, hurting Steve, hurting Jamie, hurting myself. All for nothing. I don't want that for Amanda."


Carl reveals his plans for Donna, Charlie drops a bombshell on Frankie, Grant takes Lila's advice about Marley, Gregory changes his mind, Cecile torments Cass, and Lorna unsettles Felicia with her plans for the future.

Plus, a classic Felicia/Lorna at Lucas' grave clip!

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