Tuesday, July 06, 2010


"If you think no one has noticed, my dear," Carl informed Rachel as she did a final check of the buffet, making sure that all of the perishable side-dishes, salads and drinks were on ice, while the meat lay pink and ready for grilling, and the interim sliced vegetables, dips and fruits readily available for instant snacking. "You are most grievously mistaken. Just this morning, Elizabeth inquired whether perhaps you'd taken a vow of silence in anticipation of entering a Tibetan monastery."

"Seriously?" his phrasing was enough to make Rachel break the aforementioned vow of silence, at least where Carl was concerned. "Those were the actual words she used?"

"Those precise ones, yes."

"And you still don't think our children are a little odd? It's going to get them into trouble one day, mark my words."

"I think they are brilliant and put all other dullard adolescents to shame. But that is neither here nor there at the moment. We cannot go on like this, Rachel. We simply must put an end to this unpleasantness between us."

"You know how you can do that."

"And you know why I can't, and thus won't."


At the Cory 4th of July celebration, Amanda goes after Kevin - and Marley, Carl learns of Donna's release, Matt challenges Rachel, Lorna earns some new fans - and detractors, and Jamie pumps Steven and Sarah for info on Gregory.

Plus, relive 4th of July 1991, as Carl plans a very explosive holiday in Bay City.

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