Friday, February 13, 2009


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PGP: After The Edge of Night, you played Elena on Another World, a very different character from Nicole. What are some of your favorite memories of your Bay City days?

MM: Another World was indeed another world for me. It was the first hour show I had done, thus the shooting schedule was more complex and the days could be twice as long. One of my favorite memories, however, despite the painfully early calls, was of the sun rising over Manhattan as we drove across the Brooklyn Bridge into work. (Ed. Note: AW was filmed at the same Brooklyn studio where ATWT currently tapes.)

Elena de Poulignac was quite different from Nicole. The character was brought back to the show to deal with the trials and tribulations of her very naughty, conniving daughter, Cecile. The storylines were extremely convoluted and the character objectives not always clearly defined, but I do have great memories of working with so many fine actors and directors. What I remember most fondly was a lovely surprise found on my dressing room table my first day of work. It was a beautiful, long-stemmed red rose with a note of love and best wishes from my ‘late husband’ and co-worker, Donald May, who was working in the studio next door on Texas (playing Grant).

PGP: Kate on Search for Tomorrow was yet another type of character. Is this a conscious choice you make in your career, always moving on to a role that is very different from your previous one?

MM: I must say, playing Kate on Search for Tomorrow was one of the best times I ever had. I mean, how lucky could a gal get with David Forsyth, Matthew Ashford, Jeff Meek and Pat Tovatt as my leading men?! When originally asked if I was interested in auditioning for the role, I said ‘no.’ I then met with the producer who seemed very enthusiastic about my coming in to read. I still didn’t feel quite right about playing the mother to three sons who weren’t all that much younger than me. I figured I’d do the audition scene anyway, which turned out to be great fun. The storyline was so lovely and I accepted the part when it was offered. I suppose it was appealing because of the Irish connection in the very romantic storyline, and as I had been doing a lot of theater work since I left Another World there was something very compelling about being back in daytime and in the studio where Edge had been shot. It was rather like coming home. A delicious experience, but much too short lived.

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Patrick said...

Great interview.

Doesn't GL need a new Meta Bauer?

Gwen said...

I love Maeve McGuire. I remember feeling sad every time she left Edge of Night. I was happy to see her appear on other shows after but Edge was never the same once she left. Is she still acting? I'd love to see her again, and hope she remains in the best of health.

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