Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As everyone in Oakdale picks sides over who is going to be Johnny's one and only father, does anyone remember about the one and only mother he's ever known?

Bet Johnny remembers.

Then again, maybe he's got other things on his mind... (oh, kids today, so plugged in...)

Stay tuned for this most unusual family reunion, only on As The World Turns!


Mark said...

This show has too much Craig... I'd rather see some new Nuke pics.

Oakdalian said...

Who's still picking sides? Don't tell me this custody war is on again!!!

Scarlett Echo said...

The custody war was won by Craig and it should just stay the way it is.

Jon Lindstrom and the little tyke playing Johnny have great chemistry. That's the most adorable little one and he's a perfect Johnny.

Get this Dusty/Lucy angle and make it disappear. Dusty is NOT Johnny's dad and this fight is old news.

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