Friday, February 06, 2009



Birth plans

Birth control

Only next week, only on As The World Turns!


Richard said...

Thanks for another pic of Luke and Noah!

Now can we get one from a different episode? They're going to be on more than once, right?

Anonymous said...
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HMGFirestar said...

Thanks! It's been forever since we had Luke and Noah scenes to look forward to. Thank God Dusty and Paul let some other characters out to breathe next week!

Kay said...

Finally, some Luke and Noah next week. Thanks for the picture! Do you have any more pictures of them?

Anonymous said...

I wouls like to thank you for posting Luke and Noah I hope you will post more.

newcrusader2002 said...

Yay! Nuke, Catt & Jalison! My three favorite couples :-)

I can't wait to see this! It will be like an oasis in the barren wasteland that is the other baby storylines going on (either fighting over a baby or fighting to have a baby).

TyNuke4Ever said...

Finally!!! Now these are the characters and couple I want to see. Bring on more and more and more NUKE!!!

2A said...

Thank you for the Luke/Noah/Casey/Alison/Matt spoiler pic.

I really hope both Brad/Katie and Henry/Vienna DON'T have a baby.

Joseph said...

Thank you for the pics! I could care less about all the baby dramas; what keeps me coming back is Luke, Noah, Casey, Alison, Jade and crush-worthy Matt!

Oakdalian said...

Does either of you really think the young men you fawn over will get a better story, or do you just write this praise because you think they're hot? Nuke is plotted by the same people giving us Dusty and Paul. At some point, shouldn't the desire for good scripts and acting exceed the desire for pictures? I couldn't be the only one who read the spoilers, so the excitement eludes me.

Mark said...

Oakdalian, IMO it's always better to see characters you love in sucky storylines than characters you hate in sucky storylines. Also, there are other ways to complain about the writing of this show. You don't know these people so you don't know if they've done that or not. Plus, I don't see what the problem is with being thankful for a spoiler picture of your favorite characters. And this murder mystery sounds a lot more interesting to me than the Peg/Musty/Craig ("MY SON!!") story. Luke and Noah are supposed to be a united front in this storyline and I personally can't wait to see that.

So thanks PGP blog for the picture of Casey's birthday party.

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