Thursday, February 12, 2009


Watching Guiding Light. (I'm a huge sucker for anything Alan/Phillip or anything Phillip/Rick, I admit it. Also developing a bit of a thing for Dinah/Shayne.)

You should be too.


christine said...

I have no idea who Philip is. Where are Daisy and Grady? I love watching Kane Manera and Murray Bartlett. Both give great performances and are real easy on the eyes.

Rebekah said...

I love Shayne and Dinah too!

And Phillip's voice is so mesmerizing.

LovingLight said...

Christine, Phillip is one of the most famous and complex character of GL.
The PGP Blog can perhaps post a few history for you...
Phillip is Beth's true love and Rick's best friend.
He is the father of Lizzie & James (with Beth),Zack(with Harley)and Emma (with Olivia)
Alan is the adoptive father of Phillip (Justin Marler is the biological father and Ross the biological uncle)

wheelswee said...

Guiding Light is amazing now!! Hope more people tune in!

Love Phillip's return and how the news is starting to spread through Springfield!

The actors and actress are doing such an amazing job too!

Can't say enough good things about GL this week!

Love Shayne and Dinah too!!

Jane said...

Guiding Light is amazing right now! Please keep the light shining!