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A funny thing happened to Another World's Felicia (Linda Dano) on her way to finding the baby girl she gave up for adoption at birth -- she ended up adopting a daughter of her own. Alla Korot joined the AW cast in 1990 as Jenna Norris, child of Felicia's late friend, Gloria, and played the role for three years, during which Jenna enjoyed romances with Matt Cory (Matt Crane) and Dean Frame (Ricky Paull Goldin). To watch Alla's work in the year when she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy, check out the 1991 episodes of AW currently airing on, here. And to find out what the Soap Opera Digest Award winner for Outstanding Female Newcomer is up to now, read our exclusive interview below!

PGP: How did you get the role of Jenna on AW? Do you remember your audition? Your first day on the set?

AK: I was hired for the role of Jenna Norris by auditioning for the part. I had two auditions in LA and screen tested in NY by performing two scenes; one with Linda Dano, and the second with Ricky Paull Goldin. One of my scenes was very emotional where I was required to break down in tears, and because I was so nervous I became extremely emotional which ultimately worked in my favor. Sometime later, I came to find out that when they made the decision to hire me, the decision makers wondered whether I was a great actress or have deep emotional issues. Thank goodness they took a chance on me; it was one of my very first jobs. My first day on the set was very exciting and of course very nerve racking. I remember Linda Dano and John Aprea (Lucas) really supporting me and getting me through the day.

PGP: Jenna came on as a sheltered convent girl. How did she change in the time that you played her?

AK: Jenna went from a sheltered convent girl who was extremely shy and naive, to an independent, strong, open minded young woman. It's fair to say that Jenna really grew up in the three years I was on AW.

PGP: We've recently aired the Ladykiller video episodes. What are your memories of filming that sequence? What do you think when you watch it now?

AK: Shooting the Ladykiller video was an event all in itself. Not only did we rehearse the dance for several weeks prior to the shoot, but the shoot itself took about 48 hours to complete. I remember sleeping at the studio for about three hours in between a grueling two day shoot, but this was probably one of the most enjoyable memories during my three years at AW. When I watch the show now, I think about how very fortunate I was to have been a part of such a great show and a talented team of actors and crew. Looking back I appreciate all the hard work and dedication from everyone to make the episode such a success.

PGP: What are your favorite memories of your time on AW? Do you have a favorite storyline? Is there a particularly funny memory you'd like to share?

AK: One of the best parts about working on AW was that I got to live in NYC. I had never even visited NY prior to the show. My favorite storyline was the love triangle between Matt, Jenna, and Dean. The fans got so wrapped up in who they wanted to see together that it was very amusing to hear about. This was also one of the funniest memories from the show. The fans were very committed to this storyline, and were very opinionated at all the fan club events.

PGP: Do you keep in touch with any of your former co-stars?

AK: Unfortunately, I do not keep in touch with my former co-stars; however I do try to follow their careers as I relate to fond memories when I see them. I wish them much success and happiness and thank them for their friendship and support when we were all together at the studio.

PGP: You were on All My Children after AW. How was Pine Valley different from Bay City and what are your favorite memories of your time there?

AK: My experience at AMC was very different from AW. Even though I loved the cast and crew at AMC and the project was extremely gratifying to me, I always fell back on the memories I shared at AW. Even though I could try to compare the two shows, I left my heart in Bay City. Ultimately I am always grateful for any opportunity that comes my way, and I always give it my all.

PGP: In addition to acting, you've become a businesswoman. What can you tell us about your current project?

AK: Acting is my passion and requires me to play different roles. One role that I never thought I would play is an actual businesswoman in real life. My company, L’uvalla Certified Organic, came out of a desire to help bring awareness to the public on the hazards and dangers of cosmetics in the US. All the while creating a product that is luxurious, effective, healthy, and enjoyable to use. My husband and I launched a Certified 100% Natural, Organic, and Sustainable skincare line made entirely in the South of France. We worked hard to ensure that all our products deliver the best ingredients available, in addition to being extremely effective. The greatest pleasure in creating a company such as L’uvalla, are the countless testimonials that I get every day from customers who not only see results, but for the first time really enjoy using skincare. L’uvalla is an aromatherapy line, and customers are drawn to the scents of the pure essential oils which also heal from the inside out. Finally, we are very proud that L’uvalla is Vegan, Animal Cruelty Free, and Fair Trade. It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up each and every morning knowing that you are helping your fellow brothers and sisters, while taking care of our planet. For more information, go to

PGP: How would you answer the question: Where is Alla Korot now?

AK: Alla is continuing to pursue her two passions: acting, and trying to make a positive change in the world. I have a movie that just came out on DVD called Nanny Insanity.

It’s a marvelous comedy based on a true story where I play an eccentric, wild, flamboyant Ukrainian nanny (ed note: Alla was born in the former USSR and came to the US in 1977). It’s a wonderful family movie for all ages. If you liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you would love this film. I have also appeared on various TV shows such as Cold Case, 24, Nip-Tuck, CSI NY, just to name a few.

I would like to thank my AW fans for their continued support and recognition when we meet each other in passing. I'm very touched by how much Jenna has affected the AW audience.

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