Monday, February 02, 2009


Seven year old Lynn Loring originated the role of Patti Barron when Search for Tomorrow premiered in 1951. As the daughter of Jo (Mary Stuart) and her first husband, Keith, Patti lived through losing her daddy shortly into the show's run and promptly becoming the object of a custody battle between Jo and Keith's mother, Irene Barron. Irene ultimately kidnapped Patti, but Jo got her back.

Lynn ended up playing the role for ten years, taking Patti from elementary school to high-school graduation -- the actress herself actually first learned to read by memorizing her daily scripts. It must have been an excellent groundwork, as Lynn left SFT to attend Barnard College!

Following her departure, she appeared in the feature film Splendor in the Grass as Carolyn alongside Natalie Wood (another child actress) and Warren Beatty. She also guest-starred on dozens of prime-time shows ranging from Dobie Gillis to Gunsmoke to Perry Mason to Bonanza.

Lynn gave up acting in the mid-1970s to work behind the camera. She produced the groundbreaking 1981 television movie about anorexia, The Best Little Girl in the World and, in 1983 oversaw her first feature film, Mr. Mom, starring Michael Keaton.

From 1967 to 1984, she was married to actor Roy Thinnes, known to daytime viewers for his roles as the original Phil on GH, and as two separate characters, Alex Coronal and Sloan Carpenter, on OLTL.

Currently, the former daytime star heads Lynn Loring Productions in Los Angeles.

Jo would be proud!