Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Krista Tesreau returns to Guiding Light as Mindy Lewis on Friday, March 6 for her 25th high-school reunion. Mindy and Beth reminsice about the good times... and the not so good.

Mindy and Beth first met when the girls shared a hospital room at Cedars. Mindy faked a fall from her horse in order to get Phillip's attention. Beth was there after yet another beating from her stepfather, Bradley.

Mindy was Phillip's date for the prom, and Beth went with Rick. But even then, Phillip and Beth couldn't keep their eyes off each other, and ended up being named King and Queen of the dance. It was at Mindy's 18th birthday party that Phillip found out about Justin, not Alan, being his real father. When Phillip discovered that Mindy had known the truth too and kept it from him, he dumped her. A vindictive Mindy blabbed to Bradley that Phillip and Beth were secretly seeing each other, and a deranged Bradley raped his step-daughter.

Phillip and Beth ran off to New York, with Rick and Mindy in hot pursuit. Mindy fell for Rick, and Phillip and Beth made plans to marry on Valentine's Day 1984. But then, Mindy discovered she was pregnant with Phillip's baby. Rick offered to marry her, but Phillip -- after his own experience with way too many daddies -- refused and wed Mindy himself. The marriage ended when she miscarried, but by then Rick had moved on to Reva's kid sister, Roxie.

Mindy would go on to marry Roxie's old boyfriend, Kurt, who died in an oil rig explosion, have an affair with Roger Thorpe while he was married to Alexandra Spaulding, and marry and divorce Alex's long-lost son, Nick.

Mindy was last seen in Springfield in 2004 for Phillip's "funeral."


supersage21 said...

Can't wait to see more of Mindy! Hopefully, she'll be on the show a long time.

wheelswee said...

This is exciting!! I can't wait til we see Mindy again. I also hope she will be on the show for a long time!

LovingLight said...

Mindy is one of my favorite characters ever!! I can't wait too.
Krista is so beautiful and so talented.
Do you have any more pictures of Billy's princess ?

paige said...

Mindy's back, so I'm back too!

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