Wednesday, February 04, 2009


More pictures tomorrow!

(Special episode airs Monday, February 16)


schiffeg68 said...

I'm looking forward to this episode. Thanks!

Hopefully it's some lighthearted fun aside from the turmoil going on right now.

schiffeg68 said...

Looks like Paul is trying to be scary and Barbara is melting.

Mark said...

Same characters as in the pics... I hope tomorrow's pics will have characters like Luke, Noah, Casey, Alison and Jade (if they're even part of this episode).

Bob said...

I wish Luke could get to wear eye makeup like Paul. :P

Hopefully he and Noah are both in the episode! *fingers crossed*

nancyd said...

I'm still amazed they could do this yet couldn't be bothered to do the promised tribute to Helen Wagner. How about an update on what happened to that? Priorities people! And that could have even shown some love for Valentine's Day!

I'm sure this was fun for the actors but it looks totally cheesy to me.

Mark said...

It's getting worse... SOD says that it's only the characters related to Johnny. So I guess we won't see Luke, Noah, Casey, Ali, Jade, Holden, Lily, Tom, Margo, etc in this episode. I'm already so tired of seeing Meg, Dusty and Paul all the time and now they will even dominate this special episode? Ugh.

Oakdalian said...

Why is every Valentine's Day in Oakdale more like Halloween? Nobody dresses up this much on October 31. I guess the contrived relationships wouldn't seem authentic on a day about love, in the long run. So break out the wacky costumes!

Nancy, you should know better than to expect a special episode for Helen Wagner. Only when she joins Don McLaughlin in soap heaven will someone create a hasty tribute about Katie's elderly mentor, as if she was really appreciated in recent years.

supersage21 said...

I'm amazed that ATWT can't do real soap opera and forget this mess. And that they couldn't do a tribute to Nancy.

Richard said...


Hopefully tomorrow's pics will be more encouraging. And involve some characters I'm not sick to death of seeing every single day.

newcrusader2002 said...

Although these period pieces aren't always to my liking, I'll give it a whirl. I just hope that more cast members are involved than what I've seen, cuz frankly I see Peg, Craig and Dusty 5 days a week already, and would love to see Nuke, Casey, Alison and Holden and Lily make appearances too.

I have to say, though, that for a Valentine's Day episode, this isn't feeling very... romantic. I would have preferred a 2 day event, with day 1 being this episode, and day 2 featuring the show's couples doing romantic things.

Anonymous said...

I take it we will not get to see Luke and Noah this year Van and Jake could make any thing better when they have too. So I will have to find some thing to do I hope you will post some thing of the up and coming sl with Luke and Noah.

Scarlett Echo said...

Thanks for the sneak peeks.
I think this epi is going to be a riot.

I don't need a stand alone, forced romance episode. We do need romance brought back to this show regularly, though.

The fantasy episodes are a fun break from some really dreary SLs.

Cannot wait to see Jon L, MWest, RH, DH and CZP in their roles.

Maura makes one adorable kitty. *meow* :)

The fantasy episodes are watched by everyone in our house and they are always a hit.

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