Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Henry Coleman muses:

Paul Ryan is a kidnapper. Pardon me while I feign surprise. He snatched his baby daughter and ran off. Oh, well. Like father, like son, one supposes.

For a complete list of James Stenbeck's victims, click here.

And note who is at the top of that list. It explains a lot.


schiffeg68 said...

Where's our spoiler pic? Boo.

I still love Paul, even if he is a kidnapper, he's still nothing like James.

laroc said...

I'm with you there. He'll soon realize the error of his ways. And dear little Meg and Dusty sure helped push him over this particular cliff.

Oakdalian said...

If he's going to be like James now, could he fake a fall from an airplane so we won't have to see him for 3 years?

Mark said...

Great idea, Oakdalian. So tired of this endless Paul/Meg crap...

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