Monday, December 18, 2006


Dramatist writes below:

Could you please post something about the writing process for Procter & Gamble soaps? And tell us how to decifer from the day's credits who wrote the episodes's breakdown and who the script.

Writing duties at the P&G soaps are broken down into three parts:

Headwriter (sometimes there's a Co-Headwriter, as well)
Breakdown writers
Script writers

The Headwriter conceives the long-term story and writes the thrusts, outlining his/her tale approximately a week at a time. (Sometimes, there may be a story document for one particular plot, summarizing all of the major beats, but this isn't required for all stories).

The Headwriter and the Breakdown writers then divide the week's thrust into five episodes. The Breakdown writers outline an episode, breaking it down into acts and scenes, with a summary of the action. (Sometimes a Headwriter may choose to write a breakdown personally, as well).

Script writers take the breakdown and write dialogue for each scene.

Guiding Light does not make a distinction in the end credits of the show for Breakdown or Script writer. Both groups are listed alphabetically.

On As The World Turns, the Breakdown writers are listed as a group, but the Script writer for that day's episode is listed as the last writer on the list of writers.

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for you reply. It did help!

Is there a possibility of posting an interview with one of the writer for As The World Turns in the near future? Eg. with Judith Donato?