Friday, December 08, 2006


Catherine Hickland is on her way back to OLTL as Lindsay this month, but eager fans can check out her 1980 daytime debut as Courtney Marshall on TEXAS, by clicking on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel now.

Beautiful Dr. Marshall was briefly introduced on Another World in the summer of 1980 prior to making the move to TEXAS.

There, she was instantly caught up in a love triangle with surgeon Kevin Cook and his estranged, less than stable wife, Reena.

Though Reena paid Kevin little attention while they were together (she was a bit too fixated on her Daddy for that), the moment she caught him with Courtney, Reena was out for blood. First, she picked his workplace as the ideal location for dramatically announcing that she would be suing Kevin for divorce -- and naming Courtney as the other woman! And then she did her best to get the young doctor fired.

Will Courtney and Kevin live happily ever after? And what role will the arrival of handsome soldier Jeb (played by GH's Kin Shriner) play in her future?

Tune in to TEXAS and find out today!

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