Friday, December 15, 2006


As reported yesterday on this blog, As The World Turns and Guiding Light were both nominated for Writers Guild of America Awards.

ATWT submitted the following episodes for consideration:

Episode #12,760
Breakdown Writer: Lisa Connor
Script Writer: Judy Donato
Paul finally gets past Susan to deliver the news to Emily that she's pregnant. He urges her to have an abortion and, eventually, Emily agrees.... Jack tells Mike and Katie about the Kasnoff DNA on the medal.... Lily is reeling after hearing Luke's secret. Holden hopes he and Lily can be there for Luke.

Episode #12,839
Breakdown Writer: Leah Laiman
Script Writer: Susan Dansby
Luke comes out to Kevin and Kevin rejects him.... Mike walks in on naked Simon with Carly.... The Slasher kills another teen at Raven Lake.

Episode #12,840
Breakdown Writer: Judy Tate
Script Writer: Richard Culliton
Dusty overhears that Lucy has contacted Craig for Paul.... Holden tells Emma that Luke is gay.... Kevin rejects Luke for coming out.... Maddie finds Casey and tells him she wants him to know everything, as Louis spies on them with binoculars.

Meanwhile, GL submitted:

Episode #14837

Dinah's Inside the Light as she vows to embrace the single life... and prepare for a date with Mallet.

Episode #14895
Reva and Josh's Inside the Light, where they try their best to get a divorce, but fail miserably and tear up the papers.

Episode #14910
Reva's Inside the Light. She goes for a mammogram, receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, decides to keep the news from Josh and fight the disease on her own.

Nominations were based on written scripts, not televised episodes.

Winners will be announced February 11, 2007.

Y&R and AMC are also up for this award.


jimf said...

Excellent choice to submit a Richard Culliton script and a Judith Donato script! I love those writers.

But it's a pity all the great Luke stuff is mixed in with meh Raven Lake in two of these episodes.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post something about the writing process for Procter & Gamble soaps? And tell us how to decifer from the day's credits who wrote the episodes's breakdown and who the script. It would also be nice to know who were the writers of Guiding Light episodes.

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