Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PARKER MUNSON WON'T DIE (BTW: Pop Culture Bonus Points going out to those who know what obscure '90s sitcom this is referring to)

A recent article on BroadwayWorld.com led to intense Internet speculation that ATWT's Parker was about to be killed off by his adopted brother, JJ.

While it is true that both characters are being slightly aged for storyline purposes (Mick Hazen and Daniel Manche take over the roles of Parker and JJ respectively starting Friday, December 22nd), Daniel Manche's assertion that he had just filmed a scene where JJ kills Parker was wildly inaccurate. (The article has since been corrected).

Parker's little sister, Sage, as well as his cousin, Faith, have also recently been aged.


Anonymous said...

Oh, at first I thought the title referenced "John Tucker Must Die" a teen movie from the past year or so. But, oh you took me back to my youth with Parker Lewis Can't Lose.
Good to hear Parker isn't dying since he has ties to the Munson/Ryan clan, the Snyders, and the Carly/Gwen/Roseanna clan.

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