Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Lynn Liccardo, a Red Room soap journalist I've linked to in the past, has a new book out, As the World Stopped Turning.

In it, she offers a (previously published) "collection of 18 essays considering the final years of As the World Turns,  the soap opera that redefined the genre when it premiered in 1956.  Written by a lifelong fan of the show, these essays weave together the show's history, characters, storylines, writers and producers, to create a context within which to consider, not just ATWT, but all soap operas, past and present."

Of particular interest to ATWT fans may be Lynn's inclusion of creator Irna Phillips' original bible and vision for the show.

Get more information at: http://redroom.com/member/lynn-liccardo/ebook/as-the-world-stopped-turning

Meanwhile, in a book not specifically dedicated to soap operas, Glenn Croston's The Real Story of Risk, which "traces our distorted perception of risk back to our ancient ancestors. Starting from an evolutionary perspective, Croston reminds readers that we are all the culmination of a long line of survivors who fought life-and-death threats such as attacks from wild animals, starvation, and disease. The fact that we have covered Earth with seven billion people is a testament to our skill at overcoming these risks. But our spectacular success has also produced our contemporary artificial world with new threats like climate change, chili dogs, and online gambling. Our brains, which evolved to deal with the ancient world, are ill equipped to process the new threats we face." - also includes a soap opera reference.

In Chapter 8, and a discussion of social risks, he quotes my interview with Eden Riegel (Bianca; AMC) from Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments in a section about fans interacting with their favorite actors.

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