Thursday, October 25, 2012


“I want to believe you,” Alice said.  “You have no idea how desperately I want to believe you, Rachel.  That’s why I offered to come ask you myself, instead of putting either Lucas or Felicia through it.  Because no matter how much this train of thought may pain me, it is obviously nothing compared to what they’re going through.  They deserve to know what happened to their daughter.”

“And they’ve decided that I’m involved in having Lorna kidnapped and killed?”

“Are you?” Alice asked softly.

“What do you think?” Rachel fired back.

“I think,” Alice chose her words with care.  “That you loved Carl with all your heart.  Even more than Mac, in a way, or at least, differently.  Mac healed you, and you healed Carl.  That made the redemption of his soul the most important thing in the world; even more important than your own.  I think that you honestly saw nothing wrong with what he’d done, because to view it otherwise was unthinkable.  And I think that you would have committed just about any act in order protect not just him, but your vision of him.”


Alice questions Rachel about her role in Lorna's disappearance, while Rachel offers Chase a chance to save his career - for a price.  Lila breaks down in front of Grant, who is pushed to his own breaking point by Sarah.  Cass and Frankie hatch a plan, as Kevin sees the results of his own.

Choices need to be made today on:

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