Thursday, October 04, 2012


The fine people at Blockbuster sent me a very pretty blue backpack full of family-friendly DVDs like Finding Nemo, Rio, Madagascar, and more.  There was also candy.  Big, movie-theater sized boxes of candy.

It was part of a promotion they're doing for Camp Blockbuster's Kids Pass, where you can rent as many family movies as you like (one at a time) a month for $4.99.  Which, frankly, if you watch a lot of movies, is a great deal.

As has been established earlier, I am very, very cheap.  As a result, I love great deals.

I love free things even more.

And about the only thing I love more than great deals and free things, is telling other people about great deals and free things they can get for themselves.

To that end, the nice people at Blockbuster and I are partnering to do a giveaway wherein three of my readers can win their own backpack full of free DVDs and candy.  Big, movie-theater sized boxes of candy.

Sound good?  Click here for entry details.

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