Thursday, October 18, 2012


“Is that book even still in print?” Iris wondered.  “My goodness.  Well, I guess these days, the digital age makes it possible for every title in creation to stay permanently in the public eye.  I see that Felicia has gone ahead and turned all of her titles into ebooks.”

“I understand she’s doing quite well with them," Rachel noted.

“How wonderful to hear.  Especially since I was just going through a list the editorial department sent me of Cory titles they recommend we scan and send right back out into circulation.  One of them particularly caught my eye.  An old thriller that I’m told we still get regular requests for: Harry Must Die.”

Despite the nonchalant way in which Iris let drop that tidbit, Rachel realized exactly where it was aimed, how, and why.

If Iris thought that bringing up the manuscript that had, in a roundabout way, led to Rachel and Mac’s first break up, her relationship with Mitch, not to mention Mac finding out – in court, of all places – that he wasn’t Matthew’s biological father….

“I gather our truce is over then?” Rachel closed her book.

“Did we ever truly have one?” Iris cooed.


Rachel and Iris remove the gloves of civility, followed by Rachel's attempt to deal Chase a killing blow, as well.  Jamie wonders about Steven's role in Horace's attack while Morgan attempts to make Amanda see the truth about Kevin, and Donna presents Sarah with an offer... and a threat.

Misunderstandings abound on today's episode at:

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