Thursday, October 11, 2012


“I’m sorry,” Amanda gulped guiltily to her mother. “I’m afraid I’ve tipped our hand. I… kind of told Iris you and I knew she had insider information about the Cory stock plunge before it went public. And that she was in on it with Hamilton from the start.”

A part of Rachel wanted to explode at her daughter for the stupidity of the maneuver. True, Rachel, more than anyone, understood that way Iris had of ever so innocently pressing all of your buttons until you blurted out the last thing you’d intended. On the other hand, Amanda should have known it too, and either not engaged her half-sister at all, or at least gone in prepared.

Another part of Rachel, however, realized equally well the futility of crying over spilled milk after the cows had already left the barn. Or some such thing. What was done was done and time spent reproaching Amanda could better be put to use trying to think of a way out of her blunder. No matter how cathartic the alternative might prove. After all these months, the idea of finally going off on Amanda for everything….

“How did Iris react when you accused her?” Rachel asked instead.


Rachel prepares to do battle with Iris even as Lila puts the moves on Chase.  Grant sets up Sarah for a fall, Allie relives a nightmare, Donna springs a surprise on Matt, and a shocking development with Horace changes everything.

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