Monday, October 15, 2012


Stung, Sarah raised her eyes to meet Grant’s, practically daring him to continue.

He accepted the dare.  “I’ve said it before, and now that the events of the afternoon have proven it, I will say it again: Sarah is too young and too irresponsible to be so much as thinking about raising a child on her own.”

“That’s none of our business.” Marley attempted to cut him off at the pass.

“It is when we’re the ones making it possible for her to engage in this folly.  We’re acting like everything is going to be fine, when it obviously won’t be.”

“I know what I’m doing,” Sarah insisted.

“You think you do.” Grant stepped forward, trying, forcing, begging her to hear what he was saying. “I thought I knew what I was doing, too.  With Kirkland.  I thought because I loved my son, that meant I was capable of taking care of him, of giving him everything he needed.  I told myself so in order to justify my own selfishness.  I told myself that, after a decade of being gone, Kirkland would welcome me back with open arms.  And when he didn’t, I still pushed to get my way.  Mine, not his.  I wasn’t thinking about Kirk.  I was thinking about myself.  What I wanted, what I needed, what made me happy.  It wasn’t until my son nearly died; until he was lying in a hospital bed and telling me the best thing I ever did for him was leave him behind to be raised by someone competent, that it hit me what a selfish bastard I’d been, and was still.  I don’t want that to happen to you, Sarah.  Or your child.  I don’t want, years down the line, for either of you to regret… anything.  Do you understand me?”

Sarah’s mouth opened, but no sound came out.  She appeared gut-punched, wanting to respond to Grant’s claims, but too staggered to make it happen.

It was Marley who spoke up instead, putting one arm around Sarah’s shoulder, while taking Grant’s hand in hers, the three of them standing so close together, they could hear each other’s ragged breathing.


Grant struggles to make Sarah see the light, while Cass and Frankie get some fresh insight into their own dangerous game.  Amanda grows suspicious about Kevin, Donna frustrates Matt, Lucas and Alice ponder just how far Rachel might go, while Lila believes she's gone too far.

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