Thursday, October 04, 2012


“No,” Amanda informed her half-sister, marching into the Cory Publishing office Iris had claimed as her own ever since assuming the mantle of their CEO. She had a lot more to say, but Amanda figured that one syllable summarized it nicely.

“Thank you for coming in,” Iris said, as if she’d been the one to summon Amanda, instead of the other way around. “Won’t you have a seat? I have a few matters I wish to discuss with you.”

“No,” Amanda repeated. “Let me make myself clear. Anything you have to discuss with me, the answer is no. See how nicely that streamlines the process?”

“I’m afraid it won’t be working that way,” Iris enlightened her. “I’ve been looking over the budget for next fiscal year – “

“We have accountants for that.”

“And a marvelous job they have been doing so far, bringing you nearly to the brink of bankruptcy.”

“That was a Black Swan event. No one could have foreseen that Hamilton would go after Carl’s loan – “

“It was your job to foresee it. Frankly, Amanda, it was your job not to accept it in the first place, considering the events of the past summer were perennially a possibility. But, then again, you always did have a soft spot for Carl.”


Amanda makes a critical mistake with Iris, Marley makes the mistake of saying too much to Donna - who jumps to her own conclusions, Kevin attempts to rectify his mistake with Horace, Cass realizes he made a mistake with Frankie, and Lila forces Chase to revisit his own mistakes.

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