Monday, October 22, 2012


Everyone has a favorite line from the 1991 classic comedy, Soapdish.  Mine happens to be Whoopi Goldberg, as the fictional daytime drama's headwriter, asserting, "He doesn't have a head!  How do you expect me to write for a guy without a head?"  (Maybe she should have consulted with ATWT's Shannon, who came back from being headshrunk in Africa looking not much worse for wear - and with Darnell Williams, to boot, so, really, how bad could the experience have been?)

Obviously, I am not the only one with a soft spot for this movie as now comes news that Soapdish is being developed as a musical (check out a preview of story and lyrics, here).

A read-through is scheduled, and the announced cast includes John Stamos (Blackie; GH), Jane Krakowski (TR; SFT) and Michael Park (Jack; ATWT).  Oh, and, you know, other Broadway heavyweights like Kristen Chenoweth, etc....

But, we're more excited about the ex-soap people in a musical about soaps!

For a look back at the actors during the daytime days (and, in Jane's case, the hair.  Oh, the 1980s hair...) check out the classic clips, below!

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