Monday, October 08, 2012


“Rachel isn’t holding on to false hope,” Lucas pointed out, about to urge Felicia to do the same, when she abruptly interrupted him.

“No. She’s not. Rachel is convinced Carl, Elizabeth and Cory are dead. And, I swear to you, it’s almost as if she’s happy about it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. No matter what Carl may have done – in the past and up to now – Rachel adored him. She was blind to his faults, blind to the danger he represented to her family – and to ours. Rachel could never in a million years be happy about losing Carl. Not to mention Cory and Elizabeth, all in one swoop.”

“When I told her Frankie and Cass had tracked down the bodyguard who was supposed to have been on Carl’s plane, and that he was still alive, Rachel asked me about Carl and the children. When I said there had been no sign of them so far, she looked relived. I tell you, she was relieved to hear it.”

“If Carl and the children are still alive, that means Rachel’s husband has deliberately put her through the worst pain a human being can endure. No wonder she was relieved you didn’t have any evidence of his having done so.”

“It was more than that,” Felicia insisted. “It was almost… Luke, listen to me, I’ve been thinking… I know it sounds crazy but, please, hear me out.”

He braced himself as if for a blow, but, nevertheless, said, “I’m listening, Fanny.”

“I’ve been thinking. What if… What if Rachel is on this with Carl?”


Felicia floats an unconscionably horrible notion to Lucas, while Cass forces Frankie to admit a long-held secret - by offering up one of his own.  Allie's confession inspires Donna, Steven and Kevin reach their breaking points, and Lila makes her move.

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