Monday, April 04, 2011


Harding Lemay, who wrote for Another World for many years (under Executive Producer Paul Rauch), published a rather no-holds barred book on the subject of creating soap operas, titled Eight Years in Another World.

The tome was so hard to track down in recent years, that copies of it are selling on e-Bay for close to $100!

Fortunately, the book has just been released electronically and is available for a much more reasonable price on Check it out below!

In his book, Lemay discusses his contentious relationship with Irna Phillips (to be fair, many people talk about their contentious relationship with Irna Phillips).

Most of what we know about Irna's life comes from her unpublished autobiography, excerpted generously in the book Guiding Light: A 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Now, however, blogger Lynn Liccardo argues that a great deal of the information is erroneous. Read her intriguing essay claiming to set the record straight, here.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, Barbara Morgenroth, who once wrote for The Doctors, has a novel out: Sweeps, high-lighting, what else? behind the scenes life at a soap opera!



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