Monday, April 04, 2011


"I meant what I said earlier," Rachel reiterated. "It is wonderful seeing you doing so well. We were all desperately worried these past few months. Yes, even me," she informed Lorna's cynical expression. "My son loves you. You are my granddaughter's mother. That makes you a part of my family now."

"Whether you like it or not?"

"I believe that goes both ways," Rachel challenged. "Once you and Jamie are married, Carl and I will be your — "

"Please don't say it. It's my birthday, I'm pregnant, and I have a sensitive stomach these days. I'd hate to ruin your shoes."

"It's been a very long time since I've seen my son so happy. If I were completely honest, I'd admit I've never seen him this happy. And I realize that's solely due to you."

"I'm sorry, either I'm finally having that stroke they were all so afraid of, or — "

"You're fine. And you heard me correctly."

"This is because I almost died, isn't it?"

"Your accident did help put things into perspective for me. How much Jamie loves you. How big a part of his life and future you are. I accept that now."

"Even after everything that came out when I was hurt?" Rachel nodded categorically, but Lorna couldn't quite let it go that easily. "Why? Obviously I'm a glutton for punishment, begging you to ream me out at my own birthday party, but I'd honestly rather know why you're giving me this free pass."


Rachel lays some truths on Lorna - and accepts an olive branch from Felicia, GQ offers Allie a deal she's scared to refuse, Amanda enlightens Jamie, Kirkland goes all out, and Marley turns on Sarah.

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