Monday, April 25, 2011


"Let me explain something to you, Marley," Lorna took a deep breath. "And you'd better listen closely because I'm not going to repeat myself. A year ago, if this exact same thing had happened, I wouldn't have hesitated a minute before marching down to the police station and pressing charges. Because a year ago, you wouldn't have meant anything to me. Sure, you were very nice and helpful and supportive when I was raped years ago. I appreciated it then. I appreciate it now. But, not to the point where I'd be willing to overlook you almost killing me and my baby. But, the problem is, you're not nothing to me anymore. You're Jamie's sons' aunt. For better or for worse, you're family. I don't want Steven and Kirkland — or Bridget and Michele, for that matter — to have to deal with finding out about what you've done. With going to school, knowing all their friends have heard about their aunt being a hit-and-run driver. No matter how badly I may want to see you pay, I'm willing to suck it up, for those kids' sakes."

"What — what does that mean?" Marley asked, trying to sound as if her curiosity were merely intellectual, like it didn't apply practically to her at all.

"It means, Marley, that I'm feeling magnanimous. And that you've got one chance to avoid a prison term for what you've done."


Lorna confronts Marley about the hit and run, Mindy explains herself to GQ, Lila questions Chase's motives, Steven challenges Jen's conclusions, while Lucas and Frankie keep secrets from Felicia and Cass.

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C. said...

"What the hell?" GQ demanded. "What is wrong with you people? Why am I always the bad guy? First, I'm the bad guy for wanting my kid, then I'm the bad guy for wanting to share him. It's your way or the highway, is that it? Whatever happened to all that compromise you were begging me for?"

"Not this way," Mindy said. "Listen, GQ, I have this nephew... Or maybe he's my brother... In any case, he's a young man by the name of Peter Reardon. He's in college now but, when he was a little boy, my father and my stepmother adopted him. After a while, his biological mother wanted him back. Everybody loved him, so they decided to ultimately share custody. I called Peter a few days ago. I wanted his take on how the whole arrangement worked out."

"And?" GQ asked softly.

"He's a good boy. He loves everyone involved. But, he told me how hard it was. How he never knew exactly where he belonged. How, when he was with one parent, doing things their way, it felt like a betrayal of the other; and vice versa. How he felt like he wasn't enough for either, and that somehow even both weren't enough for him."

I support Mindy's actions.

Unfortunately, GQ's "What the hell is wrong with you people?!" shows me one thing: He is still only out for one person's welfare... his own.